What are the terms and conditions on my privacy?

1. Opening Your User Account.

(a) When you Sign Up us a User Account or amend any information of your User Account, we may collect your Personal Information, such as your name, email address, username, password and telephone number.

2. Making Reservations for the Services or Using the Services.

(a) When you visit this Website, make reservations for any intended Services or use the Services, we may collect and process certain information (which may contain your Personal Information or may contain non-personally identifiable information but nevertheless linked to your Personal Information) including but not limited to those set out below: Copies of correspondence (whether by e-mail or otherwise) between you and us, and between youre and the Operators.

(b) Details of your usage of this Website (including traffic data, location data and length of user sessions).

(c) Feedback on and responses to surveys conducted by TicketsToDo relating to the Services and newsletters which may be published, circulated or distributed by TicketsToDo .

(d) Information automatically collected and stored in our server or the server of our third party services provider by using or accessing to this Website (including the log-in name and password for your User Account, your computers Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, browser information, pages visited, previous or subsequent sites visited). Read More